Licence for Alterations

Properties often need alterations or modifications to meet the requirements of individual tenants. Depending on the lease terms a License to Alter may be essential from the landlord, giving the tenant permission to carry out the alterations.

Usually, only minor changes are permitted under the terms of the lease and without the Landlord’s approval. Therefore, a Licence for Alteration documents the changes and often any requirement for reinstatement of these alterations.

For Tenants

The tenant is responsible for providing the proposed scope of works to the landlord. This will typically require the preparation of drawings and specifications.

  • We assist in documenting conditions of the works and preparing the accompanying plans to record the alterations
  • Distribution of costs
  • Manage the works through to completion where required
  • Ensure the necessary statutory responsibilities are met
  • Ensure the Landlords reinstatement obligations are clearly defined

For Landlords

For the landlord, a Licence for Alterations is important to ensure that all works carried out to their property are accurately recorded.

A reinstatement clause is not unusual for leases that have a duty on the occupant to restore the property to the condition it was when the contract began, which could include an obligation to remove all fittings added after their occupancy by the tenant.

Although these works are usually done at the expense of the tenant, the landlord needs to provide a detailed and thorough view of what needs to be removed or changed.

How we can help?

Parallel Consultancy deal with licences for both landlords and tenants and can give you advice about what needs to be included. We will help you to ensure that changes and alterations are legal, whilst being to the benefit of both the Landlord and the Tenant.

  • Advice to both landlords and tenants
  • A comprehensive overview of the alterations proposed
  • Compiling a Licence for Alteration of agreed works
  • Liaising with landlords’ and tenants’ solicitors
  • Supervision of the building works if required

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