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Party Wall Services

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is a statutory requirement –
If you own a property and you intend to undertake a building project which involves direct work on a Party Wall you will need to issue a notice in respect of these works under the Party Wall Act. This Act also applies to works where you are carrying out an excavation to form foundations within 3/6 metres of an adjoining property, subject to certain conditions.

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Licence for Alterations

Properties often need alterations or modifications to meet the requirements of individual tenants. Depending on the lease terms a License to Alter may be essential from the landlord, giving the tenant permission to carry out the alterations.
Usually, only minor changes are permitted under the terms of the lease and without the Landlord’s approval. Therefore, a Licence for Alteration documents the changes and often any requirement for reinstatement of these alterations.

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Project Management

Parallel Consultancy project management service will work to ensure that every part of your building project is competently handled. Our experience and capabilities can be adapted to new build and refurbishment projects across a wide range of asset classes.

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Planning Advice

Parallel Consultancy provides consistently professional, meaningful advice to tackle challenging planning issues and deliver greater value. We pride ourselves in delivering personalised services based on our client’s specific needs. We deliver a range of commercial and residential planning related services across London, Surrey, Essex and surrounding areas.

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Building Surveys

Parallel Consultancy provide advice and assistance in the acquisition of freehold or leasehold property interests whether it be residential or commercial property including industrial, offices, retail and leisure.
As well as reporting on the condition of the property concerned our qualified team are also able to provide budget estimates for any repairs that may be required, advise on potential building alterations/refurbishment or extension or advise on possible development potential.

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Development Monitoring

We provide expert and independent monitoring surveying services to balance private-lender risk with the need to finance developments as projects proceed through the development schedule.
Delivering Strategic Advice And Due Diligence
As your project monitoring surveyors, we are committed to protecting your investment in a project by reducing and mitigating risk. We monitor developments on behalf of funders/banks to ensure they deliver on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality possible.

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Planned Building Maintenance Programmes

As a Chartered Building Consultancy, one of our primary disciplines is effective Maintenance Management. In brief, we help clients determine their property obligations and required building repairs and ensure there is a rigorous scheduled maintenance regime in place.
Proactive, not Reactive
Effective Maintenance Management focuses on the application of a systematic approach to the repair and maintenance of one’s assets, ensuring that maintenance and improvements are carried out where possible in a scheduled, pro-active approach, rather than reactive.

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Cost Management

We understand that cost is key to maximising our client’s investments. To achieve this, we have access to vast industry knowledge and building expertise to identify a development’s viability and ensure focused cost control.
Our experienced Quantity Surveyors can work with the client to establish the best method of procurement and the most suitable form of contract. At the early stages, we establish the scope of a project, identifying clear roles and responsibilities. Through our knowledge and experience, we can produce preliminary feasibility studies, grant applications, cost plans, accurate estimates and comprehensive tender documents.

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Construction Health and Safety

Parallel Consultancy provide experienced Health and Safety risk management of commercial properties in order to produce documentation identifying any health and safety risks. The overall objective of our inspection is to identify where there is a risk to health, safety and welfare.
CDM and Health and Safety
The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) came into force in 2015, with the key aim to integrate health and safety into the management of a project and to encourage everyone involved to work together.

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